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Pros of Home Care Agencies vs. Private Caregivers

We get it. It’s tempting to hire a private caregiver versus going through a home care agency. It costs less and takes out the middle-man. Making the decision to rely on a private caregiver and not go through a home care agency has its own set of risks and responsibilities, however. Below are some risks and inconveniences associated with hiring a caregiver on your own:

  • Time: You have to utilize your own time and efforts to find a caregiver and assess their abilities. Once hired, you will have to stay on top of supervising and managing them.

  • Pay: You are the employer and in charge of payroll, which means you have to report their wages, withhold/pay contributions, pay for unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation, adhere to minimum wage and overtime laws, and keep thorough records.

  • Liability: Anything that can go wrong will fall squarely on your shoulders. If a caregiver gets hurt on the job, you will be responsible for covering all of their medical bills and lost wages. If you fire a caregiver and they file for unemployment, you will be required to pay unemployment benefits.

Deciding to go with a home care agency, like Halo Home Care, helps minimize the risks listed above. In addition:

  • Licensed: We have regulatory oversight from the California Department of Social Services, as we are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Background Check: We fully screen and interview all of our caregivers, as well as verify qualifications.

  • Matching: Depending on your needs and requirements, we match the appropriate caregiver(s) for you or your loved one based on our access to a variety of skilled caregivers.

  • Scheduling: We take care of all of the scheduling needs, as well as fill in if a caregiver cannot make a shift. We use software to adequately manage timesheets and schedules.

  • Supervision: All caregivers are managed by a supervisor and have access to support 24/7.

  • Safety: Any accusations or complaints of abuse, neglect, or thief are taken seriously and handled in a prompt manner.

Contact Halo Home Care today for a complimentary personalized care plan for you or a loved one. Our leaders will be able to assist you in any questions or concerns you may have.