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New Colorado Law Makes Insulin More Affordable

Colorado is now the first state in the nation to cap insulin co-pays at $100 per month, a key step to ensuring insulin is more affordable for those who need it. Additionally, the bill directs the Colorado Attorney General to investigate the rising costs of insulin. This new law will make insulin more affordable for the Coloradans who depend on it to stay alive, and is a huge accomplishment the American Diabetes Association’s efforts to make insulin affordable.

The American Diabetes Association supported this legislation as part of its Make Insulin Affordable initiative. Insulin is a life-sustaining hormone that is needed in order to live, and nobody should have toto skip doses or ration their insulin due to high out-of-pocket costs.

Insulin costs have increased astronomically in recent years, with the price tripling between 2002 and 2013 and continuing to rise. Many people are paying thousands of dollars annually for insulins whose chemical composition haven’t changed in nearly three decades. High costs have impacted the insulin use of 1 in 4 insulin users, according to a 2018 patient survey conducted by the American Diabetes Association.  

Get Immediate Help From Your Insulin Manufacturer

There are three insulin manufacturers who offer immediate assistance and long-term solutions. This is the fastest way to get help. Be sure to have all of your information ready before you call. Available options are based on your income, insurance, and the type of insulin you need.

1) Before you call, plan to spend 20–30 minutes and be prepared to answer questions such as:

· Basic contact information

· Date of birth

· Income

· If you have an active prescription at a pharmacy

· Cost of insulin for monthly supply

· Method of insulin administration (via/pen)

· Dosage

· How much insulin you have on-hand

· Type of insurance (private, commercial)

· Amount of deductible

· Whether you are a U.S. resident (required)

2) Find out who your manufacturer is by checking the company logo on your insulin vial or pen, and call using the numbers provided below. A customer service representative will confirm your eligibility and explain your options.

Lilly Diabetes Solution Center 833-808-1234

Novo Nordisk Diabetes Care 877-304-6855

Sanofi Patient Assistance Program 888-847-4877

Source: American Diabetes Association