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National Osteoporosis Month

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is celebrating National Osteoporosis Month in May and its 35th Anniversary with the launch of new resources designed to help people of all ages understand the importance of good bone health. NOF’s interactive digital tool, 35 Ways to Stay Bone Strong, provides resources and activities vetted by America’s authority on bone health to promote the facts about osteoporosis and prevent bone breaks.

“Osteoporosis is responsible for more than two million broken bones every year in the U.S. at a cost of $52 billion dollars, said Elizabeth Thompson, CEO, National Osteoporosis Foundation. “84% of patients who break a bone are not tested or treated after they suffer from a fracture. This is not acceptable. We have diagnostic tools and well-tolerated, cost-effective medicines that can turn this around. We’re encouraging people of all ages, and especially older Americans, to get active, follow a bone-healthy diet and learn the facts about osteoporosis treatment to stay bone strong.”

Bone Talk, NOF’s new podcast and blog, shares inspiring conversations and examines issues around osteoporosis from diverse perspectives including patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, policymakers, researchers, advocates, and innovators. Listen to learn more about bone health, healthy active aging and strategies to protect your ability to live your best life.

A first-of-its-kind tool in the osteoporosis field, NOF’s Healthy Bones for Life Patient Registry™ collects information directly from patients about how the disease impacts their lives. This patient-reported data is combined and analyzed to map out the osteoporosis patient journey – showing what patients need and want to improve their bone health. Patient registries are vital to health care professionals’ and researchers’ understanding of a disease state, pointing out knowledge gaps or unmet needs using information that comes directly from patients. The Healthy Bones for Life Patient Registry™ is planned to launch the end of May and is essential to positive change on a transformative scale for osteoporosis.

Source: National Osteoporosis Foundation