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L.A. County Launches Tracking Program to Find Those Who Wander

Los Angeles County officials launched a program, called L.A. Found, to help locate people with autism, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who may wander off and go missing.

The program will make use of bracelets that can be tracked through radio frequency by sheriff’s deputies. A family member or caretaker of an individual who has autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia or some other cognitive impairment can apply for a bracelet through L.A. Found. Once approved, they can purchase a bracelet at a cost of $325 from the nonprofit organization Project Lifesaver, which works with municipalities to apply the location technology. The bracelet transmits an inaudible electronic tone to a receiver that can pick up the signal within a mile on the ground, or within two to five miles from a helicopter, and lead searchers to within inches of the device.

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