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Jay Allen's Song About His Mother's Alzheimer's

Jay Allen wrote a heartfelt song in 2017 about his experience with having a mother who is battling Alzheimer's, and he titled it 'Blank Stare.' According to PEOPLE, "One morning while drinking a cup of coffee, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that even though his mom looked at him with a blank stare — and even though he knew her memory was fading — she was still in there and still loved him."

"Since the song’s inception and release in 2017, Allen has played Alzheimer's Association events all around the country. He’s already helped raised over $20 million for the organization this summer alone, and every time he plays a show in Iowa, he invites his parents to come watch. Allen always brings his mom up on stage to sing “Blank Stares,” to her, even though she’s in the final stages of the disease."

He told PEOPLE, “It’s a song of hope. Let’s find a cure for this thing. Yeah, it’s really sad, but once you have hope, you have inspiration. With inspiration, you have action. So hopefully this song inspires the researchers, the doctors to work harder. I pray it starts with me and this song. I honestly do.”

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