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Friendship During Older Age

There has been quite a bit of research done on the direct correlation between having a strong social network to happiness and health. The feeling of comfort, support, and feeling needed and accepted creates a sense of belonging and security. These feelings allow us to thrive, thus living more active and fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, as we become seniors, our social circles begin to dwindle, leading to a sense of loneliness, isolation, as well as causing depression and anxiety.

It’s important to promote social interactions and establish opportunities for new friendships as we become older. Friends, especially those around the same age group, can function as a support system for situations such as loss of a loved one, or give advice on an experience that they have also gone through. They will likely want to do the same activities that you would like to do. They can even serve as an extension of your family, which will minimize the feeling of loneliness when family members may be unavailable to attend to your needs.

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