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Alzheimer's walk at the zoo!

We had a great time at the Alz association's walk last weekend. Located at the Los Angeles zoo, the walk is one of the biggest the association hosts, and has fund raised close to $700,000 just from the event alone. But where exactly do the funds go? Not to worry, we'll address the legitimacy of any non profit and how you can know exactly where your donations are going on our next blog. For now, enjoy vicariously through all the photos and we'll update you soon! Thanks for the huge turn out, the Halo care team who helped support our booth out of the kindness of their hearts', and everyone who continues to fight for such a noble cause.

Halo's booth!

Angel, 14, was literally unstoppable at connect four. He must have demolished 20 challengers at least. We really, really tried.

Just a tiny spec of the full event. Make sure to attend next year to appreciate all the fun. Plus, entry is FREE!